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Bittersweet Runner-Up at Petit Le Mans

Photo: Drew Adamson

Bittersweet Runner-Up at Petit Le Mans

It marks the end of the 2019 Endurance Special Events for Beast Racing. Petit Le Mans from Road Atlanta in Braselton, GA is always marked on the calendar for the team.

For them, it’s almost an event that feels like home field advantage. Maybe it also has something to do with this being their best average finished event?

The past two seasons, the team has finished 5th and 3rd. Both years being fast, just unfortunate late race incidents taking them out of contention for the win. This is the event the team has also led the most laps as overall leader.

Nonetheless, 2019 was no different for the boys in blue. They rolled out of the gate with speed and were able to spend more time preparing for the change to night. Something for the first time, they would be experiencing on iRacing. Race day came and as the green flag dropped, they elected Drew to start the race from seventh position. Feeling nervous, as the last two years incidents happened with him in the car, he roared around the 2.54 mile circuit. By the end of lap one, they were up to 5th. As the first couple stints rolled by, the team found themselves in 3rd by the time Jack got in the car.

With Jack and Ellis handling the middle portions of the race, the dynamic duo kept the Beast Racing DP within reach of the podium. Jack’s strategy was to give Ellis and Drew an opportunity at an off strategy and pick their way through traffic more easily. As he wrapped up his final stints, he had done just that. With just under 4 hours to go and the sun now setting, Ellis was due to blitz the track. He used his speed to slingshot the team back within a podium. It was a tall order. By the time Drew got in for the final 2 stints, Ellis had propelled them up to third.

With the final two stints, Drew drove the team up to a race high second. For the second year in a row, the team had finished on the podium at Petit Le Mans. It comes as bittersweet though as the team that won the event, timed a pass with pit sequencing. From there, the team just did not have the pace to reel them back in. As a result, the team ends their 2019 campaign on a high note. They look forward to what 2020 will bring.

“That was exactly what we needed and a great way to end the year. All in all, I am happy with the way this event turned out. I wish I came running out the gate a bit harder, but both guys got me into my rhythm quickly. 2020 should be a great year!” -Jack

“Considering what we had last year, this is a great feeling! Always like improving and building upon good runs and turning them into great runs. The team did an awesome job for this event. Hopefully we can build upon this for next year.” -Ellis

“What a race! Ups, downs, even some left and rights. But what an effort from the team. It feels great to go out on a high note. Jack and Ellis were amazing and kept us in the hunt all race long. They were the ones that made this happen. Above all, I was just glad to hand them a fast car. Great team effort, can’t wait for 2020!” -Drew

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