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Le Mans: A Retrospective of What Could Have Been

Le Mans: A Retrospective of What Could Have Been

Every year, there is one event that stands out above the others. For the endurance racing world, it’s Le Mans. The fabled french classic is on Beast Racing’s radar every year. This would be the fourth time the team would try and conquer the Mulsanne. This year, it felt quite different.

The team for the first time had a repeat driver lineup while also continuing to develop their car’s potential for the third year in a row. Acclimatization went faster than normal and the team’s development was ahead of schedule. The big challenge them for this year though, was the night. For the first time, and thanks to the rapid improvements from iRacing, the team would have to deal with a setting sun that would rise again.

This new challenge, and the team’s rapid development, allowed them to focus more on the changing time conditions. The team felt confident and when qualifying approached, they went for it. Unfortunately, their lack of qualifying pace netted them 7th in class.

The green flag flew and the team was off. Over the course of the race, the team would have to deal with ill-tempered LMP1s, a chaotic GTE pack, and race pace that blew the field out of the water. 10 hours into the race, while rallying back from an incident with an LMP1, the team was forced to take evasive action. While doing so, the team hopped a curb that damaged the floor of the car, but more importantly, the radiator.

The engine would suffer majorly and team was forced to get towed and do an engine change. For the remainder of the race, they would play catch up and were able to score a Top 10. In a race where at the worst of times, they were 1-2 seconds a lap faster than the LMP2 field, the team can only walk away from this year’s Le Mans with an unfortunate question to ask themselves. What if?

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