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The Mountain Takes a Bite out of the Beast

The Mountain Takes a Bite out of the Beast

After a successful outing last year at the 12 Hours of Bathurst, Beast Racing headed into the 2019 event with plenty of confidence. With a new car and new driver lineup, the team was ready to take on the challenge of taming the mountain.

The green flag flew and the cars roared into the twilight of sunrise. The race had a strong start until Brock had unfortunately lost some of his braking and had the car parked at a blind corner. Unfortunately for the team, he would be t-boned moments later and they would have to commence length repairs to try and salvage what they could.

Over the course of Brock’s second stint and Drew’s two stints, the team were able to recover from 44th to 23rd. The real heroic drive however came from the team’s third driver Jack. He was able to man-handle the damaged Mercedes into the Top-20. Hour after hour rolled by and the team kept cranking through positions.

By the time the final few hours came, Beast Racing was running 11th. Barely holding it together from three driver’s will to not surrender to the mountain, the Team was staring down at one of the team’s greatest recovery drivers. Until they were met with a late race incident that plagued them to the pits for the finish. It would seem the mountain would finally claim them as its final victim of 2019. The team wound up 19th but it felt like a win after all they overcame over the 12 hours.

I greatly looked forward to the 2nd annual iRacing 12 Hours of Bathurst after our Daytona 24 kind of soured on us. Bathurst quickly became arguably my favorite road course after running and getting to know it for the first-time last year. I kept telling the guys I love the ‘finesse’ aspect of the track. Overall it was an eventful race, and as crazy as it sounds for making some of the most mistakes I’ve had in an endurance race—I had a fun time trying to wheel the car back up to a respectable position. On to Sebring!” -Brock

“Bathurst was an up and down weekend with much of the race being ran with an unrecognisably damaged Mercedes. It was a fun experience for my first ever race at Bathurst and I’m looking forward to using what I and the team learned in future enduros!” -Jack

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