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Beast Racing cuts ties with Homegrown but adds Thrust Vector and TS Racing

Beast Racing cuts ties with Homegrown but adds Thrust Vector and TS Racing

Beast Racing’s #BeastNation continues to grow! Welcoming in 4 members from Thrust Vector and 3 members from TS Racing. Thrust Vector was a highly competitive team on the BSR circuit and a growing force in the European circuit. Their experience on the Road side will elevate Beast Racing to a new level.

TS Racing however, brings their wealth of knowledge on the Stock Car side of the world thus expanding upon Beast Racing’s ever growing Oval Program. Along with both teams, Nate Jurgenson also has joined as a fore front competitor in a stock car. These recent team changes has helped Beast Racing stay on the forefront of evolution and continues their dream of being the Ultimate Sim Racer’s Playground.

“Adding all these drivers, all of this knowledge, all of this experience, really elevates us as a group. Already we are seeing the benefits and hope these changes bring a long lasting solid foundation for us to build upon. It’s great to have them all here and it puts a smile on our face to know the caliber of a team we are becoming.” -Drew

“I’m beyond excited to be part of such a professional program. The future is looking bright with this team.” -Parker

“I am very humbled for the opportunity to work with the great people at Beast Racing. Super honored to be chosen as one of the few to help the oval group take the next step. With the group we have here now, it is exciting to be moving forward with 2019. Not only great people, great talents as well. Although it will be hard work, I have no doubts these guys can get the job done. I find it fascinating to watch the pieces fall into place and see the magic happen. Thank you for the opportunity to work among all these great guys.” -Chris

“I’m very excited to see what this opportunity brings for me, my team mates from Thrust Vector, and the Beast Racing team as a whole. Everyone has been very welcoming in the time I’ve been aboard, and I’m looking forward to helping reinforce their Media footprint and improve my pace and race craft with the team’s backing.” -Chaz

“After coming from my previous Team, I’m looking forward to working with Beast Racing for our 2019 Campaign and beyond in the World GT Championship and Endurance events. It’s a pleasure to sign for the guys, and I hope we can form a great partnership over the coming seasons. It will be hard work, but I know the whole Team including my team mates are very focused on the job at hand” -Tom

“After racing for a few respectable teams within iRacing since signing up in April of 2018, I feel honored and privileged to be joining such a prestige and professional eSports race team in Beast Racing that already feels like home… I’m extremely psyched to represent the team to the best of my abilities whilst racing fast, hard, and fair.” -Jordan

“I’m really excited to be joining Beast Racing! I’ve been iRacing for a little more than a year, doing short tracks and NiS this past year while picking up the Division 2 Fixed title. This year, I’m focusing on learning open setup racing, especially with the guidance Beast Racing has to offer. I’m looking forward to meeting and racing with everyone!” -Nate


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