Short Track Program Under Development


Beast Racing has been a prominent contender in both the NASCAR iRacing Series and now the RSR Full Throttle Cup, but the team has felt they were lacking something on the oval side of things. After signing Kurt as their prominent short track driver, they used that deal as a lightning rod to spark a new idea. Creating the team’s first ever oval program that will have a primary focus on all things related to oval based cars on asphalt and dirt.

“Previously, myself and our General Manager have been managing both the Road and Oval side of things and now we think it is finally time to have someone managing things on the oval side. Kurt we feel will be the best option for this new project and we think he will build something really cool.” -Drew

“I think it’s exciting that Drew and Tim want to give more life to the ‘backyard’ racing that has carved out so many great racers in real life. I for one started the service racing mostly asphalt lates and super-late models and raced dirt and great deal when it first launched on the service. Since then, my attention has switched to mostly the endurance side of things, but believe having a dedicated ‘short-track’ program more-or-less, headed by Kurt, could reinvigorate me to run consistently again.” -Brock