Beast Racing Ramps Up Pace at All-Star Race


While taking a short break from points racing, it was time for the All-Star Race. Due to not quite being high enough in the points, the team would need to first run in the open. The open was a quick sprint race to determine the final entrants into the All-Star Race. Both cars from Beast Racing were able to transfer and then the real showdown began.

The big difference between the two events was that the open was ran during sunset. The All-Star is ran at night. So for the Beast duo of Mike and Drew, the cars came alive. Even though they ran the same setup between the two races, something about the track being cooler and having more grip really benefited them.

As the green flag fell, immediately Drew noticed the difference and passed a car on the initial start heading into turn 1. In the next few laps, he was able to catch and run with some of the points leaders. Unfortunately, both cars got involved in a racing incident and had their races cut short.

“Man that was fun, we haven’t been that fast in a long time and it felt really good. Makes me really excited for when we come back in 2 weeks for our Charlotte race. The competition has been put on notice now.” -Drew

“The open was a blast slowly making my way into the main event. Unfortunately, I got ran over early into the race and got knocked out. Going to take what I learned and apply it to the next race.” -Mike