Looking Back: Halfway Through The Regular Season

It only seems like yesterday when Beast Racing began the season at Daytona back in February. Nine races later and the team was left at a standstill. The new series proved to be tougher than they anticipated and the competition fiercer. After coming off a highly successful year in the NASCAR iRacing Series (NiS) in 2017, the team has now had some time to reflect on their first half of the regular season.

“Yeah, we weren’t expecting for us to have as many issues as we’ve had so far. But, we take the lessons we’ve learned, and we’ll see how we can apply them going into the All-Star Race and the rest of the year. We’ve managed to improve our finishing position every race, so as long as that trend continues, I think we will be in good shape. Our goal is to still make the playoffs. After that, make some noise.” -Drew

“It’s definitely been a very stressful first half to our campaign in RSR. The competition has been a lot more competitive and tougher than NiS. It’s very different for me to be finishing outside the top 15, when I’m use to finishing up front. A lot of lessons being taught and we are going to take what we have learned and go hard the second half.” -Mike

Heading into the All-Star Race the team has been able to spend a few days regrouping and analyzing the first nine races. For Beast Racing, their main fight is not with the other competitors, it’s against time. Time is ticking until the playoffs begin. 11 races from now on September 3rd at Indianapolis, time will be up.