Lessons Learned: Strategy Gamble Leads to Rocky Start

Once again Beast Racing turned its attention to the shores of Daytona Beach. This time, in their brand new Cup cars for RSR Full Throttle Cup.

At the beginning of a new season there is always a high level of excitement and anticipation. To finally be able to fire the engines and burn some rubber. For Beast Racing, Daytona was first up in their quest to become champions.

Coming into the weekend the team was anxious about how the race would unfold. In their qualifying duel races, they found out how quick disaster can strike on the high banks. So going into the big race, they had a plan.

With all the permutations though, how would they know which is the right one? That’s what we call a gamble or rolling the dice. To win Daytona you have to gamble at some point. When you roll the dice is the key.

The green flag waved. When the Mike and Drew hit the back straightaway, they dropped below the yellow line to fall back to the tail end of the line. The idea was to stay out of the big one. Avoid trouble and be in the mix at the end.

Unfortunately, the leaders did the one thing that could foil the whole plan. By lap 3 they had formed a single file line. Now it was a matter of could they make it to the first round of pit stops before they got lapped by the leaders.

As the first round of stops came, Beast Racing was able to stay on the lead lap. Drama unfolded on pit entry as both cars came in hot. Mike got caught speeding and Drew drifted his way in to try and scrub speed. On pit out, Mike drove through too many boxes and would have to serve a drive through.

At this moment, both cars were a lap down. Drew managed to fall in line with the leaders and was praying for a caution. A caution finally came but the leader had managed to pass one more car to prevent Drew from getting the Lucky Dog.

Feeling like their results were becoming inevitable, the team fought to the end and tried to make the best of a not so good situation. In the end, the team finished 30th and 37th.

“We went in with a strategy that basically relied on more yellows. Unfortunately for us the first half of the race went caution-free, so it kind of screwed us. We ended up with both cars finishing in one piece, though, so that’s alright… Not really how we wanted to start the season, but we’ll head back to the shop and get ready to get at ‘em in Atlanta. “ -Tim

“Very disappointing start to my RSR Full Throttle series debut. Got caught speeding on pit road then got hit with driving through too many stalls. All we can do now is go up and fight with all we got to make it into the top 10 of the standings. I’m excited to leave Daytona and head to Hotlanta!!” -Mike

“One of the few times where I don’t know what to say. Only because I don’t know what we can fix. We picked a strategy and stuck it through to the end. Just not lucky in this one. You live and you learn. Now to familiar territory in the ATL.” -Drew