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A Whole New World: RSR Full Throttle Cup

A Whole New World: RSR Full Throttle Cup

Normally at this time of the year you know exactly what your plans are. For Beast Racing, plans somehow always seem to change.

Today, the team announced that they are withdrawing their entries into the NASCAR iRacing Series (NIS). The team is now set to enter into the Real Sim Racing Full Throttle Cup (RSR FTC). For the team it means a lot of new changes, procedures, and rules. For the series, a whole new level of competition. Beast Racing was looking for the best opportunity for its Cup drivers Drew and Mike when an opportunity came along.

“We were having a sponsor meeting with RaceSpot TV when they introduced us to series organizer Live Sim Racing TV (LSRTV). They began explaining the benefits and opportunities that the team would have to grow through competition and it was too tempting not to pursue.” -Drew

So with the team’s plans in order, they headed out to Atlanta to begin their testing. One big change this year is the addition of a second car. With two cars campaigning, the expectations could not be higher to make the playoffs.

You can find the full schedule here.

The first race begins on February 12th with Qualifying and the Duels. The team will also soon announce their new paint schemes for the year.

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